Calmer Chameleon


Giclee print of Sinna One mural painted in Brighton in 2019.

Printed on archival paper.

60 cm x 30 cm



" Last year (2019) myself and some friends painted a wall in Brighton. It took us a day and as we were painting a guy came and protested to us painting. It was because we were painting over a mural that his friend had done. He vowed to come and ruin our wall. We painted until it got dark, so I didn't take any decent photos that evening.

I returned the next day to find ' 3/10' and 'It's just a wall' in freshly daubed paint across the whole wall.

This then inspired me to paint this chameleon as a statement that as people we can adapt to our surroundings and as artists we an change colour easily."

Each print is numbered '3/10'

UK shipping available.

Please enquire about international shipping